I provide UX Leadership, Product Design, and Information Architecture.

I work with Cross-Functional Teams to bring Innovative Experience Design Solutions to: Enterprise Software + Mobile Apps, Communication Eco-Systems: CRM / Service Design, Sales Rep tools, New Media Navigation for AR / VR / VUI (Voice Interfaces) and more.

As a Full-Stack Experience Designer I have helped define and architect clear communications for digital engagements and applications from initial research to product launch.

I have shipped many consumer products over the years, and understand what it takes to create highly useful consumer-oriented experiences and relationships.

My Core Creative Competencies

Systems Design & Critical Thinking
I provide the voice of UX Strategy, User Centered Design, Content Strategy and Business Goals
User Experience Design and Research
I drive, oversee and lead product/engagement projects from definition to development and refinement.
Collaboration, Ideation & Presentation
I'm passionate about design and those around me can feel that, and get equally excited about the creative process.

"I’m a maker, and a doer.
Passionate about design and equally excited about the collective creative process."

UX Design Case Studys of Shawn Michael Capizzi